State Of Things EP

by Horsefeather Fallout

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The debut EP from the innovative Ohio group, Horsefeather Fallout, STATE OF THINGS brings new perspectives and ideas to the world of both Industrial and Electronic music as well as Country and Bluegrass. Nothing you expected, but everything you never knew you needed.


released February 14, 2015

Nick Woodruff - Vocals
Brian Ritchie - Strings
Cory Gottron - Production



all rights reserved


Horsefeather Fallout Sandusky, Ohio

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Track Name: State Of Things
That's just the state of things

That's just the state of things, ain't that the way it seems?
Give yourself away again, begrudgingly come back to me.

Most folks can take or leave me and I can't say that I blame them.
I'm not my biggest fan either but some times I'll entertain them.
I'm a mess of a wreck of a shell of a man and I can't stop dying.
I understand when you spit in my face at least one of us is trying.
Most times it feels like a full time job staying this damn angry.
It would take a bolt of thick stern rope just strong enough to hang me.
I love you more than I hate me and as long as I remember,
Each time I fall to pieces you put me back together.

You shut me out, I lock you in
Someone to lose something to win
A sad sweet face, a stone cold chin
A wooden box to lay me in
It's hard to have feeling with poor circulation
If I should speak out I'd be wasting my breathe
Could it be pure luck or raw determination
That I should survive but have nothing left?
Track Name: Inherit The Meek
Every day I've got less to say
I change the world in my own way
Tomorrow's always better than yesterday and frankly I can do worse
Some folks will tel you give it all away
Others tell you that it's best to save
You might just need it on a rainy day, but all I've got are these lines of verse

These curses, for certain, have left me concerned and
the damage incurring
It looks like it's curtains

This time i'll keep secret treasures for me
In my hour of need I'll never retreat
Accept no defeat and when all is bleak
inherit the meek and set them all free

These curses, for certain, have left me concerned and
the damage incurring
It looks like it's curtains
Hey what's the hurry, departing so early?
and it's all so blurry but that's half the story
Track Name: Best Of Show
This life is so long without living
Is it bad to be this poorly drawn
I don't know what's left to believe in
There's a good chance I'd still get it wrong

The ten mile wide river is dried up
I feel it ache in my bones
We dance on the dead shells of heartache
We leave it all there on the stones
The old blue tick she's a-howlin
Fourteen jagged teeth best in show
This cold winter wind raises devils but we've done it this way for so long

There's an old cedar chest full of blankets
The flintlock displayed on the hearth
A bottle half full of the dickens to warm me when worst comes to worst
Track Name: Ayeeeee
It started in the living room every weekday afternoon
Gilligan the Skipper too and Arthur Fonzarelli
Lucy, Mary Tyler Moore, My Three Sons, Car 54.
MTV has Pauly Shore. Where's Valerie Bertinelli?

Yogi Bear and Snuggle Tooth
Daffy Duck and Scooby Doo
Poppa Smurf, Mr. Magoo, Peanut Butter and Jelly
Charles In Charge, The Facts Of Life, The Jeffersons and Family Ties
Quantum Leap, Miami Vice and Arthur Fonzarelli

Why can't they all be like Arthur Fonzarelli

All my heroes are on TV and they're the ones who raised me
I arrive home every afternoon, a dry bowl of CocoaPuffs and watch cartoons
Big time wrestling, news at nine
Life from New York it's Satruday Night
Shazam Yabba dabba doo Dyn-o-mite
Sit too close and you might go blind

Why can't they all be like Arthur Fonzarelli?
Whatever happened to Valerie Bertinelli?
Where are you? We need you Arthur Fonzarelli.
We miss you. Come home soon Valerie Bertinelli.
Track Name: Kaleidoscope Dragons
When I close my eyes I don't like what I see
I open them up and you're all staring at me

So I'll take my chance with kaleidoscope dragons
The riverboat man will get his
So I'll take my chance with kaleidoscope dragons
Close my eyes again

That's when the dragon swooped in
The flames in their eyes burned my skin
The boat man keeps whispering, and my skin is blistering
I'm not sure how real it all is, but I'm a believer in sin
Track Name: Just Sunshine
All of our best friends keep dying and we just keep on living.
We won't soon forget everything you've given us.
We keep all the memories.
Each lesson is a blessing
Instill them in our children and we'll all live on together forever.

No use complaining
It won't quit raining
There's gotta be more to life than just sunshine

Let's just get dressed babe
You've tried your best babe
Maybe we'll start feeling better if we just both go outside